libtonc Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
BG_POINTRegular bg points; range: :0010 - :001F
BgAffineDestExtended scale-rotate destination struct
BgAffineSourceExtended scale-rotate source struct
BLOCK8-word type for fast struct-copies
BUPBitUpPack ( for swi 10h)
DMA_RECDMA struct; range: 0400:00B0 - 0400:00DF
IRQ_RECStruct for prioritized irq table
IRQ_SENDERIRQ Sender information
MultiBootParamMultiboot struct
OBJ_AFFINEObject affine parameters
OBJ_ATTRObject attributes
ObjAffineDestSimple scale-rotation destination struct, BG version
ObjAffineSourceSimple scale-rotation source struct
POINT322D Point struct
RECT32Rectangle struct
REPEAT_RECRepeated keys struct
TFontFont description struct
TILE4bpp tile type, for easy indexing and copying of 4-bit tiles
TILE88bpp tile type, for easy indexing and 8-bit tiles
TMR_RECTimer struct, range: 0400:0100 - 0400:010F
TTCTTE context struct
VECTORVector struct

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