TTC Struct Reference
[Tonc Text Engine]

TTE context struct. More...

#include <tonc_tte.h>

Data Fields

TSurface dst
 Destination surface.
s16 cursorX
 Cursor X-coord.
s16 cursorY
 Cursor Y-coord.
 Current font.
u8 * charLut
 Character mapping lut. (if any).
u16 cattr [4]
 ink, shadow, paper and special color attributes.
u16 flags0
u16 ctrl
 BG control flags. (PONDER: remove?).
u16 marginLeft
u16 marginTop
u16 marginRight
u16 marginBottom
s16 savedX
s16 savedY
fnDrawg drawgProc
 Glyph render procedure.
fnErase eraseProc
 Text eraser procedure.
const TFont ** fontTable
 Pointer to font table for f}.
const char ** stringTable
 Pointer to string table for s}.

Detailed Description

TTE context struct.
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