BgAffineSource Struct Reference
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Extended scale-rotate source struct. More...

#include <tonc_types.h>

Data Fields

s32 tex_x
 Texture-space anchor, x coordinate (.8f).
s32 tex_y
 Texture-space anchor, y coordinate (.8f).
s16 scr_x
 Screen-space anchor, x coordinate (.0f).
s16 scr_y
 Screen-space anchor, y coordinate (.0f).
s16 sx
 Horizontal zoom (8.8f).
s16 sy
 Vertical zoom (8.8f).
u16 alpha
 Counter-clockwise angle ( range [0, 0xFFFF] ).

Detailed Description

Extended scale-rotate source struct.

This is used to scale/rotate around an arbitrary point. See tonc's main text for all the details.

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