TFont Struct Reference
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Font description struct. More...

#include <tonc_tte.h>

Data Fields

const void * data
 Character data.
const u8 * widths
 Width table for variable width font.
const u8 * heights
 Height table for variable height font.
u16 charOffset
 Character offset.
u16 charCount
 Number of characters in font.
u8 charW
 Character width (fwf).
u8 charH
 Character height.
u8 cellW
 Glyph cell width.
u8 cellH
 Glyph cell height.
u16 cellSize
 Cell-size (bytes).
u8 bpp
 Font bitdepth;.
u8 extra
 Padding. Free to use.

Detailed Description

Font description struct.

The TFont contains a description of the font, including pointers to the glyph data and width data (for VWF fonts), an ascii-offset for when the first glyph isn't for ascii-null (which is likely. Usually it starts at ' ' (32)).
The font-bitmap is a stack of cells, each containing one glyph each. The cells and characters need not be the same size, but the character glyph must fit within the cell.

The formatting of the glyphs themselves should fit the rendering procedure. The default renderers use 1bpp 8x8 tiled graphics, where for multi-tiled cells the tiles are in a vertical 'strip' format. In an 16x16 cell, the 4 tiles would be arranged as:

0 2
1 3

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