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Text using objects. More...


void tte_init_obj (OBJ_ATTR *dst, u32 attr0, u32 attr1, u32 attr2, u32 clrs, u32 bupofs, const TFont *font, fnDrawg proc)
 Initialize text system for screen-entry fonts.
void obj_erase (int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
 Unwind the object text-buffer.
void obj_drawg (uint gid)
 Character-plot for objects.

Detailed Description

Text using objects.

This is similar to tilemaps, in that the glyphs are loaded into object VRAM first and pointed to by the objects. Unlike tilemaps, though, variable-width fonts are possible here. The members of the surface member are used a little differently here, though. the pitch is used as an index to the current object, and width is the number of objects allowed to be used for text.

Function Documentation

void tte_init_obj ( OBJ_ATTR obj,
u32  attr0,
u32  attr1,
u32  attr2,
u32  clrs,
u32  bupofs,
const TFont font,
fnDrawg  proc 

Initialize text system for screen-entry fonts.

obj Destination object.
attr0 Base obj.attr0.
attr1 Base obj.attr1.
attr2 Base obj.attr2.
clrs colors to use for the text. The palette entries used depends on attr2 and bupofs.
bupofs Flags for font bit-unpacking. Basically indicates pixel values (and hence palette use).
font Font to initialize with.
proc Character plotting procedure.
The TTE-obj system uses the surface differently than then rest. Be careful when modifying the surface data.

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