[Tonc Text Engine]

Basic getters and setters. More...


INLINE void tte_get_pos (int *x, int *y)
 Get cursor position.
INLINE u16 tte_get_ink (void)
 Get ink color attribute.
INLINE u16 tte_get_shadow (void)
 Get shadow color attribute.
INLINE u16 tte_get_paper (void)
 Get paper color attribute.
INLINE u16 tte_get_special (void)
 Get special color attribute.
INLINE TSurface * tte_get_surface ()
 Get a pointer to the text surface.
INLINE TFonttte_get_font (void)
 Get the active font.
INLINE fnDrawg tte_get_drawg (void)
 Get the active character plotter.
INLINE fnErase tte_get_erase (void)
 Get the character plotter.
INLINE char ** tte_get_string_table (void)
 Get string table.
INLINE TFont ** tte_get_font_table (void)
 Get font table.
INLINE void tte_set_pos (int x, int y)
 Set cursor position.
INLINE void tte_set_ink (u16 cattr)
 Set ink color attribute.
INLINE void tte_set_shadow (u16 cattr)
 Set shadow color attribute.
INLINE void tte_set_paper (u16 cattr)
 Set paper color attribute.
INLINE void tte_set_special (u16 cattr)
 Set special color attribute.
INLINE void tte_set_surface (const TSurface *srf)
 Set the text surface.
INLINE void tte_set_font (const TFont *font)
 Set the font.
INLINE void tte_set_drawg (fnDrawg proc)
 Set the character plotter.
INLINE void tte_set_erase (fnErase proc)
 Set the character plotter.
INLINE void tte_set_string_table (const char *table[])
 Set string table.
INLINE void tte_set_font_table (const TFont *table[])
 Set font table.
void tte_set_margins (int left, int top, int right, int bottom)

Detailed Description

Basic getters and setters.

Function Documentation

INLINE void tte_get_pos ( int *  x,
int *  y 

Get cursor position.

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