Console IO
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Stdio functionality. More...


#define tte_printf   iprintf


void tte_init_con (void)
 Init stdio capabilities.
int tte_cmd_vt100 (const char *text)
 Parse for VT100-sequences.
int tte_con_write (struct _reent *r, int fd, const char *text, int len)
 Internal routine for stdio functionality.
int tte_con_nocash (struct _reent *r, int fd, const char *text, int len)

Detailed Description

Stdio functionality.

These functions allow you to use stdio routines for writing, like printf, puts and such. Note that tte_printf is just iprintf ... at least for now.

Define Documentation

#define tte_printf   iprintf

Wrapper 'function' to hide that we're making iprintf do things it doesn't usually do.

Function Documentation

int tte_cmd_vt100 ( const char *  text  ) 

Parse for VT100-sequences.

Taken librally from libgba.
See here for a full overview.

text Sequence string, starting at the '['.
: check for buffer overflow.

int tte_con_write ( struct _reent *  r,
int  fd,
const char *  text,
int  len 

Internal routine for stdio functionality.

While this function 'works', I am not 100% sure I'm handling everything correctly.

void tte_init_con ( void   ) 

Init stdio capabilities.

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