Tertiary types
[Types and attributes]

Data Structures

struct  BG_POINT
 Regular bg points; range: :0010 - :001F. More...
struct  BG_POINT
 Regular bg points; range: :0010 - :001F. More...
struct  DMA_REC
 DMA struct; range: 0400:00B0 - 0400:00DF. More...
struct  TMR_REC
 Timer struct, range: 0400:0100 - 0400:010F. More...
struct  OBJ_ATTR
 Object attributes. More...
struct  OBJ_ATTR
 Object attributes. More...
struct  OBJ_AFFINE
 Object affine parameters. More...

IO register types

typedef struct AFF_DST_EX BG_AFFINE
 Affine parameters for backgrounds; range : 0400:0020 - 0400:003F.

PAL types

typedef COLOR PALBANK [16]
 Palette bank type, for 16-color palette banks.

VRAM array types

These types allow VRAM access as arrays or matrices in their most natural types.

typedef SCR_ENTRY SCREENMAT [32][32]
typedef COLOR M3LINE [240]
typedef u8 M4LINE [240]
typedef COLOR M5LINE [160]
typedef TILE CHARBLOCK [512]
typedef TILE8 CHARBLOCK8 [256]

Detailed Description

These types are used for memory mapping of VRAM, affine registers and other areas that would benefit from logical memory mapping.
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