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Text writers for all modes and objects. More...


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void txt_init_std ()
void txt_bup_1toX (void *dstv, const void *srcv, u32 len, int bpp, u32 base)

Detailed Description

Text writers for all modes and objects.

While potentially still useful, TTE is considerably more advanced. Use that instead.
There are three types of text writers here: Each of these has an initializer, a char writer, and string writer and a string clearer. The general interface for all of these is foo(x, y, string/char, special), Where x and y are the positions in pixels, and special depends on the mode-type: it can be a color, base screenentry or whatever.
The clearing routines also use a string parameter, which is used to indicate the exact area to clear. You're free to clear the whole buffer if you like.

Function Documentation

void txt_init_std (  ) 

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