tonc_input.c File Reference

#include "tonc_input.h"
#include "tonc_bios.h"

Data Structures

struct  REPEAT_REC
 Repeated keys struct. More...


void key_poll (void)
 Poll for keystates and repeated keys.
void key_wait_till_hit (u16 key)
 Wait until key is hit.
u32 key_repeat (u32 keys)
 Get status of repeated keys.
void key_repeat_mask (u32 mask)
 Set repeat mask. Only these keys will be considered for repeats.
void key_repeat_limits (uint delay, uint repeat)
 Set the delay and repeat limits for repeated keys.


u16 __key_curr = 0
u16 __key_prev = 0
REPEAT_REC __key_rpt = { 0, KEY_MASK, 60, 60, 30 }

Detailed Description

J Vijn
20070406 - 20070406

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