ase_drawg.c File Reference

#include "tonc_types.h"
#include "tonc_surface.h"
#include "tonc_tte.h"


void ase_erase (int left, int top, int right, int bottom)
 Erase part of the affine tilemap canvas.
void ase_drawg_w8h8 (uint gid)
 Character-plot for affine BGs using an 8x8 font.
void ase_drawg_w8h16 (uint gid)
 Character-plot for affine BGs using an 8x16 font.
void ase_drawg (uint gid)
 Character-plot for affine Bgs, any size.
void ase_drawg_s (uint gid)
 Character-plot for affine BGs, any sized,vertically oriented font.

Detailed Description

J Vijn
20070701 - 20080516

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