a SpaceChem savegame wrangler
Version: 0.0.2 (alpha)
By: cearn
Date: 20140810 - 20140822

This is a small tool with which you can see what's inside a SpaceChem savegame. You can also use it to import and export solutions, and clear the undo list, which is actually the brunt of the file.

It's still somewhat early days for the tool and it lacks polish, but it can already do some useful stuff.



  • Windows XP or higher (sorry)
  • .NET 4.0. You probably have this already. If not, you can download it here
  • System.Data.SQLite.dll (included)
  • NewtonSoft.Json.dll (included)


Main window

The basic use of the tool should be obvious. It starts with opening a savegame. These are the .user files that can be found in

  • Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/<username>/Local Settings/Application Data/Zachtronics Industries/SpaceChem/save
  • Windows 7 / Vista: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Local/Zachtronics Industries/SpaceChem/save
  • OSX / Linux: ~/.local/share/Zachtronics Industries/SpaceChem

Note : SaveChem does not automatically create backups

All actions performed in the tool are performed directly on the savegame. If an action deletes or adds things, it will affect the savegame immediately.


Clear undo

The savegames keep an infinite undo history. This means that if you've been playing for a while, the savegame is mostly undo information, maybe even up to 90%. The Clear Undo allows you to remove that.

Select one or more levels, then hit Clear Undo to remove the the undo information for those levels.

Export (to clipboard)

Export allows you to export the solution for the current level. For the moment, it's only export-to-clipboard, but it shouldn't be too hard to add export-to-file as well. (It's just boring to do so)

Select a level and click Export to clipboard to export a solution description to the clipboard.

Import Level

Import a custom level, as you would inside the game. This makes it easier to import a solution of a mission you don't have yet.

I will say, however, that the validator won't accept everything yet. If you try to import something that you know is a valid level, but isn't accepted, send it to me and I'll see what I can do. At present, it doesn't accept sandbox missions yet.

Import level. Enter the level definition at the top and hit Parse. If that succeeds, you can import the level via OK.

Import Solution

This is the big one. This can import a previously exported solution to your savegame. This will, of course, delete all traces of the old solution, so be sure you're actually importing what you want.

The way it works is as follows:

  1. Choose your import source. For now it's just text-input, but files will be added in due time.
  2. Parse the solution. This will parse the solution input and see if it is a proper solution. If so it will show some of the solution's statistics and determine level candidates.
  3. Level candidates. A list of levels that this solution could be for. Here, they're all called 'Sun Simulator', which is why renaming can be useful -_-.
    Candidates and level select. The parsing step also tries to find 'candidate' levels that this solution belongs to. It does so according to 3 criteria:
    • internal level ID (i)
    • level definition (d)
    • level name (n)
    The solutions are put in the drop-down on the right, sorted by these criteria. It will also display the last score for those levels. For official levels, there should be only one; for custom missions, there may be more. It's possible that no level can be found that matches the solution. In that case, you probably haven't played that level yet.
    In any case, select the level that you want to import the solution for.
  4. Additional custom options. For custom missions, there are some extra options. You can choose to create a copy of the mission so that the original solution is spared. If you choose to copy, you can also give the level a different name.
  5. Click OK!. You're done! You can import! Woo \o/
Import solution. Enter the level definition at the top and hit Parse. If that succeeds, you'll get a solution summary in the bottom-left, and a candidate list on the right. Pick the desired candidate, maybe set a new name, and click OK to import.


With this, you can create a 'slice' of the levels in the savegame.

Release notes

Change log

v0.0.2 (20140825)

  • Added Slice
  • Added Import Level
  • Created this spiffy document

v0.0.1 (20140810)

Initial release.



If you have questions, comments, suggestions, this is where you can find me. If the tool doesn't work, or if it messed up the savegame in a way you didn't ask for, please contact me.

I'd also like to know just how big some people's UndoCount has become. My record is 8000, and I already know someone got to 23k.

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