grit 0.8.2 / usenti 1.7.10

Apparently, the GRF format didn't quite follow the official RIFF specs, so I had to fix it (thanks for pointing it out, Daniel). While I was at it, I also changed the names of the meta-tile arrays if a meta-map was asked for. In stead of the -Map affix, it now uses the more logical -MetaTiles. Yes, this probably will break something, but in the long run it's better this way and it's a compiler error, so it's easy to fix.

Usenti's been updated to match.


Usenti 1.7.8 and TTE demo

One major and some smaller changes to usenti. The major one is that there is now a font exporter that can convert bitmaps to TTE-usable fonts. I'm not sure if it's final yet, but any later changes should be small. The text-tool has been altered to facilitate creation of fonts by adding an opaque mode, an align-to-grid option and proper clipboard support (so you should be able to just copy an ASCII table into it, at which point the font is practically made already).

Also, there are separate pasting modes: one that matches the colors to the current palette (potentially mixing up the colors) and a direct-pixel paste, regardless of colors. Thanks, gauauu, for finally making me do this. Secondly, Kawa's been badgering me (politely) about editing colors in raw hex rather than via RGB triplets. This can be found, for various bad reasons, under the Palette menu under ‘Advanced color edit’.

Both of these items have … interesting side effects. Through the former, you can replace colors of a given palette-entry by copy-all, swap and paste. The color-edit accepts multiple colors separated by white-space and, later on, by commas as well, meaning that accidentally it's now possible to take previously exported palettes and add them again. Yes, it's feep, but it's interesting, somewhat hidden and cheap feep, so that's alright. I'm thinking about adding something similar for the image itself as well (plus raw image imports), but only when I'm bored enough.

To show off the font exporter and the TTE system itself, there is a little demo of what it can do here. I'm still pondering over what it should and should not be able to do, but most of the things shown in the demo would be in the final version as well.

Oh, RE: that wordpress bug. A v2.3.1 has been released now with the fix. Interesting factoid: the error (#5088) was classified as “highestomgbbq”.

grit and usenti updates

Git is now fully at 0.7. Or, rather, grit is at 0.7. As mentioned before, a name-change was in order and this has now taken place.

Other than that, there is little difference. Dovoto pointed to a bug in the tileset directory code which made me finally deal with the way directories were being handled. Unless told otherwise, the output goes into the current working directory. This is how it should be anyway. Non-binary changes are: updated documentation (for grit itself too) and a modified Makefile because it was out of date with the code itself (thanks Richard).

What's not been added are palette reduction and a more general tileset reducer. I have functions that can do these things (inside cldib), but applying them in the grit code base is … icky. There are so many potential problems with options here that I prefer to wait and add them later. Or maybe make separate tools for them.

I've also added the new Wingrit exporter to Usenti, which is now at v1.7.7.

Usenti 1.7.6

Apparently usenti v1.7.5 had a nasty bug that messed up 24bpp saving. The bug was actually in cldib, so I updated the git source too (not that anyone'd notice though). While I was at it, I changed a few other items as well.

Usenti v1.7.6 changes

  • Fixed 24bpp save
  • Added quick-copy option (Alt+C)
  • Better scaling for color components
  • Manual is callable from the app (F1)

Hmm, I never listed the v1.7.5 changed did I?

  • Fully-variable zoom
  • Snap to tile option for editing
  • NDS alphabit support for 16bpp export. The color in palette-index 0 will have bit 15 set.