Spacechem tools update

I had some time to play with the researchnet overview on an iPad the other day, and noticed just how cumbersome copy-pasting is on a tablet. It annoyed me so much that I made the mission viewer accept the code as a URL parameter as well. So now, instead of having to …

  1. click on 'show code'
  2. click and hold on the textarea
  3. select 'Select All'
  4. remove the on-screen keyboard
  5. select 'Copy'
  6. click 'mission viewer' to go to the mission viewer
  7. click and hold on the textarea to be able to select 'Paste'
  8. remove the on-screen keyboard, again
  9. hit 'SEND CODE'
  10. reload the researchnet page and retrace all previous steps because apparently you inserted or deleted a character on the gorram keyboard that popped up,

it's now more along the lines of …

  1. click on 'show code'
  2. click 'mission viewer' to go to the mission viewer, with code already inserted and submitted.

This should simplify things immensely. Note, though that the HTTP variables have a character limit that according to some sources may be 512 characters, in which case the bigger missions might not load properly. However, other sources sat it can be as large as 8000 for Apache servers and in testing it seems to work out, so it might be nothing to worry about.

This new feature also opens up the possibility of directly inputting a code without user intervention, using ?code=[CODE GOES HERE]. However, be careful with that, because mission codes contains plusses ('+'), which are normally read as spaces (' ') in urls. All spaces are converted back to plusses to be sure, but yo udo need to be sure there aren't any actual spaces in the url.


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