oh hai thar, researchnet

I finially figured out where the researchNet data is stored. So now I can maaaaake this:


This is an overview of all the current researchNet missions. I might spruce it up in the future – maybe use the proper type and difficulty pictures and show the level's mission details directly rather than just a code to put in the mission-viewer, but for how this will do nicely.

3 thoughts on “oh hai thar, researchnet

  1. Now if you can hack in the divider for quantum tunnel reactors, we'll be set.

  2. Oh, wouldn't that be nice.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to figure out where the campaign missions hang out yet. I have looked, but they don't seem to be stored in the same way, so I haven't been able to find them yet :(

  3. It's okay, Zach told me that it was impossible with the way he coded it. Don't think he has the time or effort to patch it in either considering the number of platforms SpaceChem is on.

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