tonc updates (finally!)

And at long last, I get off my ass and fix tonc's code for the arm-eabiarm-none-eabi change. Also fixed some other things in html and css, and updated the PDF. I had to export the PDF via chrome this time, though, so it'll look a little different. It also lost me about 60 pages, now where did those go all of a sudden …

But yeah … tonc is at 1.4.2 now.

oh hai thar, researchnet

I finially figured out where the researchNet data is stored. So now I can maaaaake this:

This is an overview of all the current researchNet missions. I might spruce it up in the future – maybe use the proper type and difficulty pictures and show the level's mission details directly rather than just a code to put in the mission-viewer, but for how this will do nicely.