Grit 0.8.6 : synchronization update

This is just an update to synchronize what I have with devkitPro's distribution of grit. This includes updates to the makefile, and turning back the way the size-constant was defined back to a #define. Apparently, consts aren't constanty enough for C compilers for use in array declarations. Shame, I would have liked to get rid of macros as much as possible :(.

In any case, the two versions should be identical again (with one small exception, namely that my version emits a .size directive for assembly, but that's a minor something that should not affect anyone.)

2 thoughts on “Grit 0.8.6 : synchronization update

  1. If you want to get rid of the #define, you could probably use an unnamed enum instead. Enum's are compile time constants.

  2. Yeah, that is also an option. But that seems a little awkward. enums are for enumerations, not hackish constants.

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