10 thoughts on “Symmetrical date is symmetrical

  1. That would be 20100412 I believe, how exactly would that be symmetrical?

    Have a good trip around the sun btw Cearn. Afraid things have gone a bit pear shaped at my end last week. Have been infected with some nasty trojan of sorts, so I've have been spending my waking hours formatting and getting everything back in order. Will try and catch up with you on Steam soon. Did you get anything during the xmas sale? I noticed both Braid and Machinarium were up for grabs, but I figured their standard price is good enough so I let it slip by.

    Keep up the nerdy facts!

  2. if you check the link there are other official data format...
    like: 2010102....
    that is symetrical AND 12 april 2010 :)

  3. @ Mike
    Too bad about the trojan :(. And yes: I got Braid and L4D for under €10.

    Oh, I see what you mean about April 12th now. I didn't think of the "YYYY-DDD" format.

  4. Elwing you big cheat, we're supposed to play according to Cearn's rules!

    How are you getting along with Braid, great ginger one? And how much fun is L4D? I thought you'd wait till I had a beefy PC too :*<

  5. hum sh@#% it's quite harder that way... damn there's no month number 85?

  6. hum it's not the next date as it's already passed, but I'dd say 3rd january 2010 for when you asked the question (in base 504)

    from now the next symetrical date is... today, now it's my turn to ask a question, in what base is the 11 january 2010 symetrical?

  7. Beats me...

    Cearn, that is the original L4D you bought right, can you play the game offline as well, or have you found new friends for your slaughter? What are living dead like?

  8. Hey, no changing bases, that's cheating! Also, if you are going to change bases, don't do it mid-stream. While 20100103 may turn into [79,65,79] in base 504, Jan 3rd 2010 in base 504 would actually be [3,498,0,1,0,3].

    However, if that is allowed, Jan 11th 2010 is symmetrical in base 20100110 :P. Hmm. You know, this might make an interesting question for the Euler Project, actually.

    Mike, I haven't played it yet – my hardware suck too much. However, since I was planning to buy new stuff Real Soon Now, I thought I might as well get it at a nice discount.

  9. I believe we should trademark the term Real Soon Now. Have you heard the rumors about the new line-up of videocards? Feel like running crysis in a 2000+ resolution? Aww you do!

    Anyways, Braid muchos fun?

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