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Bit late, yes, but now that I have my second document, I feel I should perhaps say something about the category. In broad lines, the site is divided into three sections. First there are ‘short bits’, which are, well, short pieces of text, from simple announcements and comments to maybe a few pages worth of functions on various subjects, like a fast memset for ARM systems. This basically corresponds to a WordPress ‘Post’. Then there are ‘collections’ – groups of pages on a subject which could serve as a standalone site. Tonc would be a good example of this. I suppose you could call these ‘books’. The ‘documents’ are somewhere in between – too long and relevant to be posts, but, being singular pages, too short to be books. A book is what a document wants to be when it grows up.

Anyway, right now I have two documents. The first is a collection of bit tricks: little snippets of code on bit-fiddling. No, they are not futile exercises, they're programming-puzzles and they're clever little hacks for extra speed. OK, maybe they're just a little futile >_>.

The second document is about 20 pages worth of Annotations to “Programming the Nintendo GameBoy Advance”, Mr Harbour's popular E-book on GBA programming. As slick as it looks, the book has some very serious flaws like incorrect information, non-functional code and teaches some bad programming habits. This document points them out.

I've actually been sitting on this one for quite a while now. I may have the social graces of a bent teaspoon, but even I know that pointing out errors in code written by a professional that beginner C courses warn about isn't a nice thing to do. Of course, that's just part of why I'm releasing this: the book certainly looks like a good resource for GBA programming if you're new to the GBA, especially if you're new to programming in general. It'd kinda suck if you had to unlearn large parts later because the information wasn't up to standards. These annotations should help you recognize most of its errors and steer around them.

2 thoughts on “The Docs

  1. Great website!!!!

    Greeting xaMpi

    Je website ziet echt goed uit.
    Hij was al prima, maar nu is hij nog beter!

  2. Gotta love wordpress! Whole slew of styles out there, plus options to edit it yourself. Surprised you used a package though and didn't make it yourself. Probably too busy right? Looks fairer than your old design, though I miss the pixelated Link in the background (think that design died quite a while ago even).


    ps. bookfair sucked ass, you didn't miss nowt.
    ps2. people want to go see a movie, get in contact with 1 of them... this could include me.

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