git/grit 0.7β

Guess this'll be it then. Like the last Tonc, this is beta, which is my way of saying “lots of nice, new stuff, but might not be completely ready yet”.

So what's new? Well ...

  • The transparency options (-pT, -gT) should be sorted out now. I've tried to make them work intelligently when the options and bitdepths don't really match well.
  • It's now also possible to convert multiple bitmaps in one single call of git. Be careful which options you use here, though, as they're still pretty much considered separate runs internally. For instance specifying the output file and not using -fa would overwrite the file. Obvious, yes, but still something to be aware of.
  • Also added are logging functions (option -Wnumber). If you see your files converted incorrectly, try using -W3 and see what comes up.
  • And finally, something pretty cool: the use of an external tileset. With the -fx option, you can use an external bitmap containing an already reduced tileset. This is useful if you want to guarantee the order of the tiles. New tiles will be added and saved to this bitmap as well, so you could run it over multiple bitmaps and build up a shared tileset. It's still a little experimental, but seems to work well enough. For now, stick to 8bpp BMP or PNG (preferably pre-tiled or start with an empty bitmap). I hope to add meta-tiling options later.

Wingit has also been updated a little: transparency options are now included in the GUI, as it the external tileset option. However, the documentation hasn't been updated for these yet. That's one of the todo items.

The git downloads can be found here. Once again, this is still beta. On the outside it looks alright, but internally it's still a bit of a mess now. It's also quite possible that there are still some lose pointers dangling about; if you see it crash, please tell me.

It's been brought to my attention that the name ‘git’ was already taken by that pinko, commie tree-huggering bunch from Linux. So, a name change is in order. Shame; I really liked the name.

Anyway, unless someone can give me a nice and descriptive acronym (sorry, Dave, but ‘dmit’, as much as I like it, fails on the second criterion), the new name be ‘grit’.

And now for something moderately different: I've added the readme's of most projects to the projects page. This should be especially useful for git, as the distribution that comes with devkitPro leaves it out >_>.


Now, I had planned to release new versions of usenti and git this weekend, with proper NDS-alpha and external tileset support. I was pretty well on schedule too. At least, up until last Tuesday. Around 23h, I decided to play a little StepMania (on keyboard, mind you; trying on a mat would probably count as a bad idea for me) as a temporary diversion. It went alright, so I did another run. And another. Next thing I know, it's 7am. Things got a little blurry after than >_>.

In any case, this has caused a slight delay. Most of the work is complete right now, actually, but there's still a few things I have to think about before releasing them and before I make the final decision, I have to stop seeing large numbers of arrows scrolling up on the inside of my eyelids. Sorry, but that's just the way it is.

On the bright side, I can finally clear some of the hard ones now ^_^.