More tonc 1.3β

Dammit, just missed releasing this before the end of the day. Oh well. Anyway, I'm releasing tonc 1.3β officially now. Yes, it's still a beta, but I think I've got rid of all of the loose ends now. Or at least most of them

The changes with the last beta version are relatively few. The text remains mostly the same, except for regbg.htm and asm.htm. It's in the code where you'll find the most changes. I've removed the leading underscores from the zero-#defines (and there was much rejoicing), updated some graphics and ‘finished’ the bigmap demo. Also, tonclib is now fully doxygenated. Manual in CHM inside. The Doxygen configuration file is included, so if the CHM doesn't work for you, you can always generate the documentation yourself.