tonc 1.3β

I'm close to another tonc release. It's not quite ready, but here are a few Work-in-Progress versions.

Many things have changed. Tonclib has gone through a rigorous overhaul, the demo hierarchy has been altered, with new and better makefiles. Most demos have been altered (mostly just using text), the ‘basic’ demos are now completely self-contained, and I've added a couple of new ones as well. Take particular note of the updated DMA and mode7_ex demos, and the new bigmap demo.

The text has undergone a few changes as well. Much of the set-up chapter has been moved to the back, and reg-tables have been prettified. The mode7-2 chapter has been enhanced and (drumroll) there's now an assembly chapter! A big assembly chapter. The numbering system now has chapter numbers, and each section, equation, etc, is now prefixed with it.

You might have noticed that there's now a PDF file as well. I've merged all the chapters with some perl-fu, and printed to PDF with cutePDF. The solution is not optimal yet (some bad page breaks here and there), but the result looks very nice indeed. If anyone's interested in helping me get rid of the page-break problem, I have 1.4MB html file if anyone's interested playing with that. I'll probably release the scripts I used for various items as well someday.

In other news, git 0.6 didn't quite do the NDS transparency bit correctly. In fact, it completely did it wrong. I'd release the fix soon, if it weren't for the fact that it will probably be released as part of the new devkitPro before that.