Usenti 1.7.6

Apparently usenti v1.7.5 had a nasty bug that messed up 24bpp saving. The bug was actually in cldib, so I updated the git source too (not that anyone'd notice though). While I was at it, I changed a few other items as well.

Usenti v1.7.6 changes

  • Fixed 24bpp save
  • Added quick-copy option (Alt+C)
  • Better scaling for color components
  • Manual is callable from the app (F1)

Hmm, I never listed the v1.7.5 changed did I?

  • Fully-variable zoom
  • Snap to tile option for editing
  • NDS alphabit support for 16bpp export. The color in palette-index 0 will have bit 15 set.