SaveChem - a SpaceChem savegame tool

As awesome as the SpaceChem is, there are still a few features that you can't (and maybe shouldn't?) do in-game. Things like viewing level-stats at a glance, removing the insane amount of undo information that can build up, and saving and reloading entire solutions.

SaveChem tries to remedy this. It gives you a simple overview of the level statistics (with the amount of undos for each level), remove undo info to keep your savegames small (useful for uploading to solutionNet, as well as Steam Cloud) and, most importantly, allows you to export and import solutions. More features will probably be added later, but for now this should be useful enough already (and no, those features will not include simulating solutions. That's what the game is for).

NOTE: this is a C#/WPF application using .NET 4.0. If you're running Windows you probably have .NET 4.0 already, but if not, you can get it here.

Also, this is still somewhat of an alpha.


SaveChem Downloads

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