Wet paint (this is not an instruction)

hhhyeah, I guess it's time to give this thing a new theme. Had the old style since, what, 2007 and drab gray is out, right? And now that IE6/7 are firmly on the way out, I can do nice CSS 2/3 effects like rounded borders and shadows and the like. Yay. For better or worse I also added ShareThis buttons, but as they're a little heavy on the javascript I might have to remove them from the frontpage later. I'll see how it goes.


I'm sure there will still be some CSS bugs here and there, but I think I've covered most of them.

One thought on “Wet paint (this is not an instruction)

  1. Ooh, nice. Fancy comment box label things. Though I had to stop and think about what field the red required * was on.

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