The Netherlands – FUCK YEAH!

Normally, I don't really do this kind of stuff, but …



Matchwinners for the Dutch: Robben, Sneijder, van Bronckhorst.

Holy crap, that was a tight game. First a beautiful goal by van Bronckhorst. Then the equalizer by Forlán just before the break. Then a hideous goal by not-Sneijder, but he gets the point anyway, quickly followed by Robben's header. And then in overtime they still almost manage to blow it when Pereira makes it 2–3 and then drama in the rest of the overtime! OMFGWTFBBQ!!111!!ELEVENTYONE!!!


Netherlands – Germany finals incoming!

3 thoughts on “The Netherlands – FUCK YEAH!

  1. Good picture! Where are you going to watch? Come to Amsterdam! If we win it's gonna be a party, if we lose we can wreck the place and go home not giving a damn :]

  2. Hey dude, pssst, you know it's been almost a year since you have posted a new article on this fine piece of interwebs? I actually had to brush the dust off the Submit Comment button for it to work. So get back to work! I mean, don't get back to work, get back to posting!

    Also, post more nude chicks. Just saying.

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