hurray for bookies

I think I mentioned this before, but we have this Book fair thing over here. These are generally wonderful in that the admission is free, things are usually pretty damn cheap compared to regular stores and even teh internets, and (very unlike most stores in this country *grumble*) there's a large variety of computer and science books as well. Even good ones.

Every month there's one in a different location; and this weekend it was Utrecht. I wasn't planning on going at first because I know I can't keep my hands of the things and I still have a considerable backlog from the last few times I went, but I had to go in that direction anyway, so I figured why not. And, as always, I went in with the idea that I didn't really need anything anymore, but came out with a bag full regardless. Book included:

  • It Must Be Beautiful: Great Equations of Modern Science”, exploring the story behind some of the most important equations in physics today.
  • Quantum Field Theory: A Modern Introduction” by Michio Kaku. Yes that Kaku. I didn't do much with QFT at univeristy because it's fucking scary, but perhaps this time I can have better luck. If I ever get round to reading it.
  • Cross-Platform Game programming“, dealing with memory and resource management for multiple systems, creating debugging facilities and more. I think this would have come in handy if I'd found it a few years ago. Oh well. Particularly nice feature: it was only €4; nearly a tenth of the regular price.

So yeah, another good batch. Now I just have to find the time to read them all.

2 thoughts on “hurray for bookies

  1. the third one looks good, already have some other Charles River Media books on game programing (the game programming gems series) and I find them pretty interesting

  2. Heya its been a while since I've checked this blog, and I know its a bit of a late reply, but to your C vs C++ debate, I don't know if you know about it but it might swing you in the C++ direction to go check out the new standard C++0x : that adds a whole bunch of really cool stuff, including making templates even more awesome and way more debuggable. Maybe I'm just partial to C++ cause that's sorta what I learned first, but the idea of using templates to make a whole slew of functions into one nice function call sounds really good (not to mention template classes also). As for performance I guess I'm just not old enough in programming sense but I always figured that C++ was more or less as efficient as C. Woo way for an entire comment to be off topic.

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