Grit 0.8.1

Grit 0.8.1 is out now. I've made three somewhat small changes here. First, there was some trouble with shared palettes/tiles if there was no -O or -S option. “Trouble”, as in segmentation fault. This should now be fixed.

I've also reformatted the include guards from __FOO__ to GRIT_FOO_H. GCC uses that format for internal #defines and it is very territorial about such matters. So, say, when you have elf.png, GCC gets cranky because that would hide its own __ELF__, and guess who wins out there? Again, thanks for pointing these things out, Quirky.

The last item is the addition of column-major tiling. This can be useful for horizontal scrolling games, since the data or the columns are all adjacent instead of a whole scanline apart. A second benefit of this mode is that rendering to tiles is made considerably easier (and a little bit faster too).

In case you hadn't noticed yet, I've also put the manual on-line. This shows the basic options for grit and wingrit, and now there's a description of how to use it in makefiles as well. This includes how the building the grit-demo project works. This one's quite interesting, so please check it out.

Project link.

5 thoughts on “Grit 0.8.1

  1. Just when I needed shared palettes, voila! there it is... one thing though - I run a bunch of various grit commands from a batch file, the line that did the images between which I wanted to share a palette looks like:

    grit ..\gfx\logo\*.bmp

    however, after adding the -pS it complains about not being able to find the files, saying that the file "..\gfx\logo\*.bmp not found or can't be read" - I guess maybe the code for the shared palettes doesn't deal with wildcards?


  2. As far as I know, there are no standard and platform-independent routines in C of dealing with wildcards in filenames (or even directories in general). This makes it rather hard to add support for it. It should be possible to grab all the relevant filenames with a system command and use that for input, but I'm not sure which one you'd need in a batch file.

  3. Hi,

    I'm pretty sure there is a problem with sbb exporting of maps larger than 256x256. When I export using the sbb option the .map.bin contains the first 256x256 part of the map repeated two times for 512x256 maps and four times for 512x512 maps. The tiles are exported just fine - only the map is wrong.

  4. @ Chrono:

    I've tried reproducing what you say, but I get exactly what I'd expect. Can you send over something that illustrates the problem?

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